Fine wine club for restaurants


Fine Wine Club provides Wine Intelligence (W.I) to our member restaurants:

  • What wines are sold in major wine shops across Europe?
  • What are other sommeliers buying?
  • What are peaple drinking in local restaurants?
  • Trends, analyzes and advise
  • Wine cellar valuation on a daily basis

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A Fine Wine Club co-operatin will lead to a higher level of service and customer satisfaction.

Successful implementation of our business model will increase sales, improve cash flow and give restaurants unbeatable prices on fine wine.

Our world class business intelligence and time-saving digital tools for management and sommeliers will help to build a more sustainable business.

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Fine wine club for sommeliers

Sören Polonius

Supporting sommeliers

In close co-operation with Sören Polonius, Fine Wine Club have created time-saving tools, new opportunities to buy fine wine and a world class database.

Sören is the Head Coach and founder of the Swedish National Sommelier Team, responsible for finding new tools for members in l`Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, ASI and one of the world´s most respected sommeliers.

Sören Polonius

Tools and information

Upload your wine cellar at and get the best inventory tool in the market:

- Market value on the wine cellar on a daily basis

- Ratings, reviews and drink date from wine critics

- Valuable market information - what do peaple buy in the restaurants?

- Analysis and trends to secure the best purchase

- A possibility to sell wine via fine wine club, in Sweden and in the global market.

Fine wine club for wine lovers

Sören Polonius

The customer experience

- Great service for profitable customers (buyers of fine wine spend more money in restaurants) based on a transparent and honest customer relationship.

- The best fine wine-website in the market, including the exclusive right to buy wines at London Internation Wine Exchange.

- Every opened bottle bought via a restaurant recommendation is a reminder of the restaurant/sommelier - "maybe time to have dinner there again?"

- By following the purchases made by the restaurant/sommelier at there will be lots of reasons to return and enjoy new wines at the restaurant.

- Customers will be invited to Fine Wine Club event at your restaurant.


Follow your favourite restaurant & sommelier

- Enjoy wines available with great food in one of the Fine Wine Club member restaurants, when you want, with peaple you like and be served by the best wine experts in the market.

- You will be notified when your favourite restaurant or sommelier purchase wines at

- Visit the restaurant and enjoy the wine with excellent food or simply buy a case and get it delivered to your home.

Fine wine club for wine merchants

Sören Polonius

Increased sales,
B2B and B2C

- Transparency and honesty will inspire restaurant guest to buy wines at

- Boost the restaurant sales by making the restaurant sales by making the restaurant wines available for the retail market.

- Restaurants co-operating with Fine Wine Club will increase their buying power and thereby reduce the credit risks for their wine suppliers.

Sören Polonius

A sustainable and growing distribution

- The market for supermarket wines in Sweden is changing and many wine merchants will be forced to find new distribution channels for "wine shop wines"

- Fine Wine Club will offer access to an international audience, initially via London Internation Wine Exchange and in 2019 also via our online marketplace.

- Fine Wine Club simply makes the wine market grow in a sustainable way.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, the best way to enjoy wine is with great food in a welcoming restaurant, whenever you want and in good company. The best wine advisor is the sommelier. Meeting thousands of winelovers, listening to their wishes and offering them wine they appreciate leads to great knowledge. Fine Wine Club is the marketplace where wine lovers find many of the wines the best restaurants buy and can see and follow the sommeliers purchases or their personal favourites.

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Owner in a chair

Founder of fine wine club

Ole Nielsen is the majority shareholder and the CEO of fine wine club. Ole has worked as a school teacher and as a CEO in financial services and asset management companies ( co-owned as well as listed companies ) for 22 years. He started the online wine merchant Winefinder in 2005 and sold his shares in 2016. Ole also started Online Wine Merchants Trade Association in 2013. He remained as Chairman of the board until June 2017.

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